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Unconventional stationery with a touch of luxury

At Upscales Custom Collection we use an array of classic and unconventional materials depending on your requirements to create a customized experience. Some of these textiles can include suede silk, acrylic, faux animal skin, and more. Through detailed and effective consultations, we design and create a product that symbolizes your love story, personalities, and any specific information or style you most desire.

While we love to design extravagant wedding suites,we also collaborate with business owners to create business branding custom stationery for their brands, baby announcements, or any social event requiring stationery and all things that require our luxury touch to your branding needs.

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Digital invitations have been on the market for some time now and they provide many benefits over traditional invitations. As a result of COVID-19 and the era of the Quarantine/Drive-by parties, we found it very timely to present an alternative invitation but with a “spin” to the average digital invitation.

Using graphic designs, animations, photography, and music, we created a digital invitation option for clients that infuses the concepts of a visual trailer crossed with an animated invitation. The client provides at least three professional photos and the desired background music …. And you get a fabulous Upscales Digital Invitation that can be sent to all of your guests via email, social media, and text!

An added bonus option we provide is that we can also print the invitation if the client wishes to have both the hand invitation and the digital invitation delivered to their guests!

Digital invitations are ideal for birthdays, Save-The-Dates, various parties, birth announcements, graduation announcements, and almost anything you can think of!


Video Demos

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