The Process

Clear cut

Inquiry & Consultation

Enquiry & Consultation

All projects start with a chat. Once we are contacted by a client, a consultation appointment is booked. The client can opt-out of consultation if they choose to communicate via email only.

Consultations are usually via phone, Zoom, or Facetime depending on what the client decides is best.

At the appointment, we will further discuss your event details, the vision, the colors, examples of the ideal of stationery desired, and the budget. We also show the client some of the samples we have available in our studio so that they can see the various styles of stationery we can provide. At the conclusion of the appointment, the client notifies us if they are ready to move forward and we provide an estimate to the client within 24-48 hours following the consultation.


Estimate/Invoice & Contract

Estimate/Invoice & Contract

The client receives the estimate 24-48 hours after the consultation via email. The information included in the estimate is based on what the client mentioned in the consultation. The estimate will include a graphics design fee (if a custom order), breakdown on the invitation suite, shipping estimate, and sales tax if applicable. At this stage, the cost can be negotiated when materials and quantities are adjusted to better meet the client’s ideal price. Payment plans are also an option if the client would like to break up the payments. We primarily accept PaypalTM, but we can also accept VenmoTM, CashAppTM, and Chase ZelleTM.

The contract is provided with the estimate so that the client can review it if they decide to move forward after the estimated phase. Contracts are signed digitally using DocuSignTM.


Sketch and design

Sketch & Digital Design

Sketch and digital designs are initiated shortly after contract is signed and the deposit payment has been received. The client will hear from us within 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the detailing) with the first round of digital designs. From that phase, the client is asked to thoroughly review the design and make as many edits and adjustments as needed. The quicker the client moves …. The quicker we move in making the changes until the client sends approval for production.



Production & Delivery

Once the client approves the digital drafts, we move forward to production. At this phase, the client can opt for a sample to be mailed to them or to have one sample created and pictures sent to the client for review and approval. Samples are optional and if time allows… recommended.

Production turn around time varies depending on numerous factors. The client is typically provided a timeline of each phase on their estimate to give a better idea on when to expect each phase of the project.

Once the order is ready to be delivered the client will be notified and given a tracking number. Typically orders are shipped via UPS but we can ship by other means if the client desires and mentions that to us.

Checklist for various order submissions

Please send all project submissions to

Digital calligraphy guest address checklist

    • Addresses are typed in a word document (No excel document)
    • Formatted exactly how you want them sent
    • Spelling and punctuation is correct
    • Guests titles included (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc)
    • See our “Anatomy of Addressing Guests” guide for more help


Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

123 America Way

New, Orleans, Louisiana 70123



Invitation verbiage submission checklist

    • Preferred font (not mandatory)
    • Host line
    • Couple’s name
    • Request line
    • The date and time of the event
    • The location of the event
    • Misc information (reception details, accommodations, etc.)
    • See our stationery wording guide for more help

Business branding submission checklist

    • Business logo files (pdf, jpg, etc)
    • Professional quality media
    • Verbiage
    • Color scheme and font style (not mandatory)
    • Examples if necessary

Monogram submission checklist

    • Couple’s initials used (can be with or without the first letter of the last name)
    • Examples (not mandatory)

Digital invitation submission checklist

    • Two professional pictures
    • Invitation style of choice
    • Choice of music (artist and title of song)
    • Verbiage for the invitation ready to create something exceptional